Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beauty pageant results

There's exciting news today.  The Miss Hoake's Mill beauty pageant was held last night over to the high school and my brother-in-law Harper's oldest granddaughter won the crown.  She's going to use her scholarship money to attend the Plantsburg Agricultural and Vocational College half-day waitress training program.  We're so pleased that she is going to continue her education.
Daryl Hucks came into the hardware store today with his latest idea to make his fortune.  He going to start selling maple syrup starter kits:  a maple sapling, a tap and a pail.  Daryl is such an entrepreneur.
The church choir will practice tonight with the new hymnals.  The songs are the same but Pastor Bramlett says we haven't been doing overly well on those as of late.
And that's what's happening in Hoake's Mill.

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