Friday, June 17, 2011

Where eggs come from

My sister-in-law Vicky (Billy Ray's wife) was over for a visit today.  She said that her sister has gone on another diet to try to lose the weight she gained with her second son.  He's 24 now so I think that excuse has run its course, especially since he's adopted.
Our son Wayne came home from the Main Street Cafe on Poplar Street with big news.  They have been working with the Greater Hoake's Mill Convention and Tourism Bureau to improve facilities for visitors to our area and today took delivery of a new six-seater table.
My granddaughter Lori has been here all week for a visit.  Alice told me not to take her to any farms this year.  Last year, Lori wouldn't drink milk for a month after learning where it came from.  It's a good thing she didn't see a chicken lay an egg.
And that's what's happening in Hoake's Mill.

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