Friday, June 3, 2011

Gossip from the beauty shop

The big story at Mavis Pinkston's beauty shop today was that Sally Miller left her husband and ran off with the dishwasher salesman from North Street Appliances.  I was completely shocked.  I had no idea that Sally had bought a new dishwasher.
The Main Street Cafe on Poplar Street was late opening this morning because they had their annual restaurant inspection.  Brenda, the first shift waitress, said that they would have been done sooner if the inspectors hadn't spent so much time inspecting the chocolate cream pies.
Our dear friend and neighbor Leyland Wilson is back at home after traveling to Plantsburg yesterday for his cataract surgery.  He says he's seeing just fine now but he's surprised how much his wife Sarah aged in two days.
And that's what's happening in Hoake's Mill.

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