Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big fire in Hoake's Mill

There was a terrible fire last night at the post office.  Fire Chief Dewitt Pace and his crew did a great job and kept the damage to just the drop-off box.  Unfortunately Daryl Hucks was driving the pumper truck and got the gears mixed up.  Made quite a hole in the front wall where he backed through it.
My daughter Alice and her husband were just in New York City for a dentists' convention.  I'm surprised they didn't run into our friends the Lyles.  They were there at the same time.  From what Alice said they saw so many people that they couldn't have missed anyone.
The coffee shop at the motel on the edge of town is really making an effort to compete with the Main Street Cafe on Poplar Street.  They've just added an "al fresco" dining area with two picnic tables and an unobstructed view of the interstate highway.  It's lovely.
And that's what's happening in Hoake's Mill.


  1. With all the buttons, switches and levers inside a pumper truck, they're probably just lucky the Post Office wasn't flooded as well!

  2. Well, then, it's no wonder poor Daryl got confused. He isn't the regular driver, you know.