Monday, August 1, 2011

Art exhibit opens

The Hoake's Mill Film Festival this weekend was a huge success.  E.J. Greenwood's Power Point presentation on the history of the printing press drew a nice audience.  The video of Daryl Hucks' whitewater rafting trip won the award for best comedy.  Jimmy Wilson took home the big prize, the Golden Meadow Muffin, for his film "A Year in the Life of Corn."  It was a race against time but they got the green carpet returned to the funeral home in time for George Atchinson's funeral.
The family gathered at Granny Crowders' Sunday for her birthday celebration.  Much attention was paid to my sister Elaine's little granddaughter.  She chose to take her first steps and headed straight out Granny's front door.  Her father said that he has had that urge himself on more than one occasion.
There's a new art exhibit at the library featuring oil paintings by the Hunnicutt sisters.  Ethel might need new glasses because a few of her paintings looked like she got the colors for some of the numbers mixed up.
And that's what's happening in Hoake's Mills.

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