Monday, August 15, 2011

Political shocker

The town was stunned this morning with the surprise resignation of Cleve Hunnicutt from the Town Council.  He has to be out of town on a bull buying trip next month and would miss the annual town meeting.
The Plantsburg Business Development Committee is holding a business festival at the motel on the edge of town.  It's goal is to expose Plantsburg businessmen to our community.  Leyland Wilson said that the last time a Plantsburg businessman was exposed at that motel it didn't end well.
There will be a cooking demonstration at the library on Wednesday at noon featuring local author and culinary expert Vicky Crowder (Billy Ray's wife.)  She'll be preparing her famous venison hot dogs with parsnip relish and fluffermutter cookies.  The police and fire departments are expected to be well represented.
And that's what's happening in Hoake's Mill.


  1. Phew! For a minute I thought the fluffermutter was going to be on the hot dogs and I was ready for the future update about a wave of food poisoning at the library!

  2. I wouldn't discount that possibility. You've never eaten Vicky's cooking.