Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New feature at the funeral home

Floyd said that Leyland Wilson came into the hardware store today to buy a new smoke alarm for his house.  Sarah said it was a waste of money because if it went off during the night she would never be able to hear it over Leyland's snoring.
Our daughter Alice saw an old movie on TV last week and in one scene the female star was wearing a beautiful long, flowing diaphanous negligee.  Alice decided to get one for some fun on her and Peter's anniversary.  It was going well until she tripped on the hem and landed in the potted fern.
E.J. Greenwood had a nice article in this week's newspaper about the new digital visitors' book at the funeral home.  Floyd's brother Harper thinks it is a terrible idea.  He said that pretty soon folks will just tweet their condolences.
And that's what's happening in Hoake's Mill.

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